Suspension & Steering

The shock absorber is a vital part of the vehicle suspension, its prime function is to keep your wheels in contact with the ground at all times. If your car is too tight, too stiff and too bouncy even or if you find that your car isn’t handling
as well as it should, hugging the road or taking corners easily then you could have a shock absorber problem.

Coil Springs play a major role in any car’s suspension system. Coil springs compress to the pressure or absorb shocks
as the car is driven. The way coil spring is built allows it to ensure the smoothest ride even on good roads.

Our range of steering and suspension components includes


Ball Joints,

Suspension Bushes,

Wishbone Bushes,

Top Suspension Arms,

Bottom Suspension Arms,

Tie Rod Ends,

Track Rod Ends,

Steering Links,

Drop Links,

Anti Roll Bar Links