Your engine is constantly on the go, constantly spinning. The clutch is the system by which the engine is engaged and the car drives. It’s the job of the clutch to create a smooth engagement between the engine and a non-spinning transmission. The clutch allows engine power to be applied gradually when the vehicle initially pulls away.

The flywheel is the interface between the clutch system and the engine. When your foot is off the clutch the clutch disc
presses against the flywheel, locking the engine to the transmission input shaft.
When the clutch pedal is pressed the clutch is released from the spinning engine and the transmission disengaged.

A simple solid flywheel conversion kit is the easy and low risk solution to replacing a defective or worn dual mass flywheel.
Tasked with the difficult job of reducing vibrations between gearbox and engine, dual mass flywheels can wear in a relatively short time