Brake System


At car-l-parts we have an extensive range of brake pads and brake sensors for any car. Not only do we have a massive brake pad range covering all models, but we’ll provide you with the best on the market at great prices

Made of high tensile steel, brake discs for any make and model of car can become worn or pitted over time, and will
eventually need replacing. Worn brake discs can produce inefficient braking results, so it is important to check your discs regularly and replace with high quality brake discs only

Brake shoe generally need replacing every 50k miles or so, when friction material is excessively worn or when contaminated by oils or brake fluids. Also excessive hard braking will cause them to deteriorate far sooner. Replacing them as needed is essential for safe motoring.


We also have a wide range of

Master Cylinders

Brake Fluid

ABS Sensors

Wheel Cylinders

Hoses & Pipes

Brake Pad Wear Sensors

Handbrake Cables

Brake Drums

Accessories & Fitting Kits