Exide Car Batteries offer three different ranges of quality, Classic, Premium and Excel: Exide Classic – The Exide Classic Battery  gives reliable startup power in a wide  selection of sizes, Exide Premium – The high performance battery Exide Premium delivers highly concentrated energy, high capacity, and high starting power – all combined in the same battery

Being able to get yourself moving when suffering a flat battery or even a flat tyre is always important. By simply keeping this all-in-one car emergency unit charged and in the boot of you car will save you both time and money and prove its worth on countless occasions.

If your car hasn’t been used for quite some time, the power in your cars battery can discharge, leaving you with a flat battery.Using a car battery charger will recharge the power that has been lost. In this section you will find our range of car Battery Chargers. They range from small trickle charge car and motorbike battery chargers to industrial specification 24V battery chargers